Region X

Welcome to the Region X, the tenth region with in the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.  My name is Michael MacDonald and I am the Regional Vice President for Region X. I am proud to be representing the Engineers and Architects, the Aircraft Certification and Airport Division Employees, and the men and women in the Regional Administrators' Line of Business, including the General Council Division, and the Drug Abatement Inspectors and Regional Office Staff Specialist. This diverse group of individuals has maintained a professional environment that seeks to work issues in partnership with the Agency in the hope of building a collaborative relationship that fosters union involvement. Even in this time where the Agency is seeking a more traditional labor management environment, we will continue to strive for our goals, maintain our principles and live up to our agreements.  
  Mike MacDonald

Our Mission

To preserve, promote, and improve the professionalism and competence of all aviation-safety-related employee's by supporting the rights of its members through all lawful means, including collective bargaining, political action, and contributing to such civic and charitable organizations.

Contact Information

Mike MacDonald
Regional Vice President for Region X
The 10th Region within NATCA
Postal Address
PO Box 257
Wenham, MA 01984
Phone:  (978) 317-2852
Fax:  (866) 314-9133






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